Silvia Bonfanti
Assistant Professor at NOMATEN, Warsaw.

My research focuses on Physics of Complex Systems: glasses, mechanical metamaterials, machine learning and biophysics.

Recently I am working on High Entropy Alloys.

New: High Entropy Alloys

Quasi-localized modes in crystalline high entropy alloys.

Mechanical Metamaterials

Machine Learning

“Automatic design of mechanical metamaterial actuators.” Nature communications 11.1 (2020): 1-10.


“Automatic design of chiral mechanical metamaterials.” APL Materials 9.10 (2021): 101112.


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Machine Learning

“Predicting the failure of two-dimensional silica glasses.” Nature communications 13.1 (2022): 1-11.

Energy Landscape

“Methods to locate saddle points in complex landscapes.” The Journal of chemical physics 147.20 (2017): 204104.

Damage Accumulation

“Damage accumulation in silica glass nanofibers.” Nano Letters 18.7 (2018): 4100-4106.

Plastic events in silica

“Elementary plastic events in amorphous silica.” Physical Review E 100.6 (2019): 060602.

Low frequency modes in silica

“Universal low-frequency vibrational modes in silica glasses.” Physical Review Letters 125.8 (2020): 085501.

At finite temperature

“Universal density of low-frequency states in silica glass at finite temperatures.” Physical Review E 105.5 (2022): 054104.


Nuclear Lamina blebs

“Chromatin and cytoskeletal tethering determine nuclear morphology in progerin-expressing cells.” Biophysical journal 118.9 (2020): 2319-2332.

Protein Aggregation

“Molecular mechanisms of heterogeneous oligomerization of huntingtin proteins.” Scientific reports 9.1 (2019): 7615.

Lipid membrane & protein

“Protein-driven lipid domain nucleation in biological membranes.” Physical Review E 100.4 (2019): 042410.

Active Matter

“Unjamming of active rotators.” Soft Matter 16.23 (2020): 5478-5486.



“Atomic-Scale Front Propagation at the Onset of Frictional Sliding.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8.21 (2017): 5438-5443.

Frictional Spheres

“Oscillatory instabilities in three-dimensional frictional granular matter.” Physical Review E 101.5 (2020): 052902.

About me

Triathlete, experiencing interdisciplinarity
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Ironman Cervia 2021,
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